The History of SUMO DAWG

On December 24th, 1995 at a Browns' game, I was sitting in the Dawg Pound for the first time. The temperature was about 20 degrees with a negative wind chill. In the third quarter, after a Browns' touchdown, I took my shirt off. The Dawg Pound went nuts. No one was watching the game. All eyes were on me. The rest of the game was a party and I was the main attraction. The feeling was unbelievable. I decided to become a Dawg Pound Dawg, like Big Dawg. My mom came up with idea of SUMO DAWG. This name fit me perfectly. I still live by this name today; I even put SUMO DAWG across the front of my car so everyone knows who I am. From now on when ever I go to a Cleveland Browns' game I will be SUMO DAWG.

Sumo has gone to one game per year since the Cleveland Browns have been back in town. I can't quite remember the year, but I went the bottle throwing game, (no I did not throw a bottle I was to high up), a Falcons game the Browns stopped Vick (the dog fighter) on 4th and goal to win and go to the playoffs, a Cinncinnati game that the Browns lost, a Redskins game the Browns won, A KC game the Browns came back to win after being down by 14, and this years game vs. Miami a nice big win.

2008 Sumo Dawg did not got to a game to a game, which was a good thing since the Browns sucked this year. Hopefully 2009 will be better and I will make it to a game this year.

No matter what game I go to I am popular with fans. They take lots of pictures of me and are usually really nice, even the other teams fans. So if you see me at a game take a picture, say hello and yell go Browns.