New Years Party Story

From as long as I could member my family and I had a party on New Years. When me and my brother got older we started to have drinking parties with friends and family on New Years. Every year after the midnight celebration we would run around outside mooning and flashing. Since it was dark our you really could not see anything but it was the thought that counted. As the years went on less and less people would moon. It got to the point were no one but me would moon, but everyone still watched. So in the year 2000 I had to do something besides just mooning. I decided to go outside totally naked. On that day Ten minutes before midnight it looked like I was not going to make it because I shot myself in the face with a fire exstigisher. I don't suggest it sober or drunk. After I showed off, I was not going to do the naked run outside. I knew if I did not do it I would let myself down. I did and in the process I humped my friends new car while my friends, family and neighbors watched.


After my naked run I knew that I had to outdo myself, but how do you outdo a naked run? My friend Mike came up with an idea of me running naked, topless, and with pastyes over my nipples. It sounded like a good idea to me. Mike and I went to ambiance and bought the pastyes. The fun in ambiance is a whole other story. On that day I decided to write 2001 across my chest to compliment the pastyes. I decided to put the pastyes on under my shirt a half hour before midnight. The only person that knew about the pastyes was my mom and Mike. After the celebration of midnight I ripped of my shirt. Everyone went nuts. I ran around outside pulling my pants down and yelling "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" After running around someone yelled, "DIVE IN THE SNOW!" I did it, I dived in the snow. It took four drunk guys with beers in their hands to get me back up. Everyone wanted to touch my breasts and pull on my pastyes. It was a fun time, and I already knew for 2002 I had to outdo myself again.


How do you outdo pastyes and being naked? One word, THONG! I knew that getting a thong to fit me would be hard, it would be even harder to have one that people would know I was wearing one. I turned to the one person that could make it happen. My mom. I wanted a thong that would cover my body very skimpy, but would cover enough so I could not get arrested for indecent exposure again. The day came and no one expected a thong. After midnight I took off my pants and ran around outside. The feeling was diffrent becuse I was not drunk. It was really cold out, and I was feeling it. The adrenal rush was not as much as it has been in recent years. The question know is, is there anything I can do to out do this year? Will the tradition finally end. 2002 was just not as fun as previous years. I will wait and see how I feel when 2003 draws near. If nothing elce, I can at least just run around mooning.

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